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Some people call me special but really, I'm just an asshole like any other person.

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Todination's News

Posted by Todination - July 15th, 2009

I feel like I've abandoned this place.
Haven't contributed to anything lately and my imagination is getting thinner by the second.

I am going to try something new!
Now everything I make will have some kind of construction with storyboard and stuff like that!
I can't tell if it's gonna work if I haven't even tried it!

So this is what I'm leaving and I hope this is the right solution to it all!

Take that Imaginary!!! :>

Oh yeah, this comic is really funny..!

Oh mah gawd!

Posted by Todination - March 30th, 2009

My imagination = Poff, gone!

I donno where I put it... I held it only but a few weeks ago!
I'm drawing blank here, I need some ideas from other people to get the engine started, I think...

Nevertheless I still keep my artwork trimmed by drawing crappy pictures and would love to get some handy pointers here and there.


I was playing moral supporter to my friend while he was test driving... I'm still in trauma.
He nearly hit an old lady and later on said out load that she was a... as he put it "bitch", the worst part was that his teacher in the passager seat didn't seem to mind...

So that's all I have to say for now... see you in a few!

Bye bye!

It's so dark in here!

Posted by Todination - February 26th, 2009

And I am back, well actually I never left but...

I haven't had too much time to work with flash, nevertheless I am still making some animations and I consider the one I'm working on right now to be one of my best!

I really hope nothing will disturb me, so I can continiue on "Peaceful Mind" wich is the name of the new animation... hope I can turn it into one of those serie people enjoy watching.

I'm running out of words but this ought to keep my profil "alive".

Cya in a not so distant future! // Todination...

Long time no see..

Posted by Todination - December 13th, 2008

Looking back at my previous posts... huh, so I was supose to make a new post every day?
Pffff, yeah, that went well!

But I am making one now so here's what's happening!

I'm still making animations and I think I'm getting better, however I'm trying not to over do it because that oly leads to nothing.

There's still only one person making this animations, yours truly, I would really want a partner to make animations with...

Anyway, that's about it I guess.

I see you guys in your comments!

Posted by Todination - November 14th, 2008

So I've been absent from writing the posts for a while on my user page but seeing as no one even reads them it can't be that bad.
I've made some new flash videos since the last time I wrote and geez... people really started hating me when I posted the "Link is ready for action" and sometimes quite the opposite.

For everyone who sais I stole it - I asked Scott (The maker of Vgcats and the comic the animation is based on) for permission to make this video and guess what, he said YES!

So now that I got that out of my system...
From now on I will only make original flash videos... it's too much of a pain to hear others whine.

Well that pretty much sums everything up for today!

Cya laterzzzz!

Posted by Todination - November 9th, 2008

So I am back from my recess and things are looking good!
I've made another animation.
I made it out of a comic I saw so... it's not 100 % me but you know...

I'm not going to go full force at this cause I don't wanna grow tired of it!
So with all this said I would just like to say -- WOHOO!


Posted by Todination - November 2nd, 2008

Yeah so I'm already sick of this, Hahaha!
No but this is getting hard really... as I've said before I'm not best known for my patients and it's really showing off now. But if it's a paus I need then it's I paus I shall get!!

I'm taking a short brake, I'll be back in a day or two!

Posted by Todination - October 31st, 2008

Yeah, I've already hit a bump on my way.
It's taking quite a while to get use to this and I'm not best known for my patients so... yeah!

Nontheless I will continue... I hope.

So this has been Robin... and I missed to write yesterday... darnit!

Anyway, cya!!

Posted by Todination - October 30th, 2008

What is it... day 5?

Anyway, I'm still working on this new flash movie and it's going pretty good.
Other then that nothing's up.

I hope I'll be done soon so you guys can make fun of me!

This is Robin, I see you later!

Posted by Todination - October 29th, 2008

My 4 th day as a member, awesome, huh?

I currently making a 1 whole minute long flash so this is going to take a while cause I'm still a newbie :3
Furthermore I have to make sure that I will keep up this day to day journal.
I have no idea if there's anyone reading it but it makes me feel important...!

Nothing else is worth mentioning - so this has been Robin and I wish you the very best!