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Who knows that's fuuuun!

2008-12-13 18:27:32 by Todination

Looking back at my previous posts... huh, so I was supose to make a new post every day?
Pffff, yeah, that went well!

But I am making one now so here's what's happening!

I'm still making animations and I think I'm getting better, however I'm trying not to over do it because that oly leads to nothing.

There's still only one person making this animations, yours truly, I would really want a partner to make animations with...

Anyway, that's about it I guess.

I see you guys in your comments!


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2008-12-13 18:58:26

Why you want a partner for?

Todination responds:

Well I want a partner to work with in flash... it's to big of a burden to carry for myself!!! ^^


2009-01-13 13:37:22

I would like someone to partner in flash games. I am just a beginner, and need alot of help, but I thnk can improve by working with someone. Two brains are better than one!


2009-01-18 13:53:21

I can help with Resoucres like Graphics, Sounds, Music and more