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This is going well!

2008-10-28 08:36:24 by Todination

Day 3!

I've yet to proven myself what I can really comprehend in flash, everytime I make a new one I keep suprising myself.
I hope I'm not too close to my very best just yet cause I wanna learn more about it.

I didn't think Newgrounds could be so much fun really.
I've actually dug up some old work and started to finsh them just to put em' on here!
This is great and I don't intend to stop ether!

Cya next time! // Robin

I'm on fire!

2008-10-27 21:35:16 by Todination

This is day two of my life as a member... yeah, I'm gonna keep on counting them!
I've made a new flash movie witch is a little better then the first one. (My point of view)

Anyway, I think I'm going to gather up an animation group of some kind, it gets kinda lonely when you're all alone! :(
So with these final words I hope I can continue on with these animations and one day become a pokemon masta... wait... that was wrong..

This has been yours truly, I thank you for tuning in!


I'm a new man!

2008-10-27 18:04:24 by Todination

This is me first day at Newgrounds!
My first day as an actual user.
All this is new to me but I know that with time; I'll feel as safe as a snowboll in hell! :D

My first movie have opened it's eyes for the first time too!
It's called "Sulution" for no apparent reason.
There's no dubt that I will continue to upload more vids and other stuff!

I hope you'll like me cause I already like you!! ^^

Robin; Out!