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It's so dark in here!

2009-03-30 09:04:15 by Todination

My imagination = Poff, gone!

I donno where I put it... I held it only but a few weeks ago!
I'm drawing blank here, I need some ideas from other people to get the engine started, I think...

Nevertheless I still keep my artwork trimmed by drawing crappy pictures and would love to get some handy pointers here and there.


I was playing moral supporter to my friend while he was test driving... I'm still in trauma.
He nearly hit an old lady and later on said out load that she was a... as he put it "bitch", the worst part was that his teacher in the passager seat didn't seem to mind...

So that's all I have to say for now... see you in a few!

Bye bye!

It's so dark in here!


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2009-06-13 03:29:49

You lost your immagination?dont sure you'll think some new ideas soon.(it happens to me sometimes too.)