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2008-11-09 20:14:20 by Todination

So I am back from my recess and things are looking good!
I've made another animation.
I made it out of a comic I saw so... it's not 100 % me but you know...

I'm not going to go full force at this cause I don't wanna grow tired of it!
So with all this said I would just like to say -- WOHOO!



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2008-11-10 09:03:56

Inte ofta man hittar en svensk på newgrounds :P och som är nästan lika gammal som en själv..


2008-11-10 15:22:43

Let´s hope no one stoles it for put it on Youtube... -.-

Todination responds:

Let's ^^


2008-11-11 16:45:31

u cock if u cant take the piss out of things life wood be boring, and im sure u woodent have to ask for premission to make a 2 second flash movie from a film big woop!!!! and im sure u have taking the piss out of some disorders if u hant ur ling coz every one has!!!

Todination responds:

Haha, I did not quite copy that but it sounds like your angry at me or something.
Nevertheless I will think aboout what you've said... whatever that was.